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What's Involved

With HEARTHSTONE, you will receive:

• A thorough inspection of the home, grounds, and components.
• An on-site, software-produced report, reviewed with you and your Realtor.
• Digital photos (cd or email), if appropriate, of items you did not view, or that need documenting.
• Advice on repairs and preventive maintenance.
• Leads – as appropriate – to home repair specialists.
• Optional Rental Weatherization Inspection (for rental properties) and Radon Testing.
• Competitive rates. (Call for immediate quote over the phone, promotions, and discounts.)
• Complimentary home maintenance manual to help you protect your investment.
• Same rates evenings and weekends; no hidden fees.
• Professional, courteous service at all times.


Your inspection begins with your phone call, in which you can ask questions, provide some basic information, receive a quote, and schedule. You will have the option to receive the inspection agreement in advance so you can read it carefully. The inspection should take 2-4 hours. You are encouraged to be there and participate in the process by observing and asking questions. Your Realtor may also be there and observe. (Typically the homeowner and his/her Realtor are purposely absent.) There will be a brief explanation of the process

The inspection itself begins outside, looking at the grounds, exterior, and roof. We make every effort to get up on every roof. Inside, we will look at each room, appliances, plumbing, wiring, structure, and previous repairs. Generally, we are looking to see if components work the way they are intended, their degree of wear, and if there are any potential safety issues.

Finally, we go into the attic if possible, and then the basement or crawl space. In the attic we are looking for any structural issues, ventilation, insulation, and roof problems. In the basement, there is the all-important foundation and most of the mechanicals.

At the end, you receive a detailed report, and an explanation of what it all means. You are also encouraged to think of your inspector as a future resource for information and leads to repair specialists. Our goal at Hearthstone is to leave you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the house, and that anything we found is manageable.

A Note About Radon ... Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. According to the EPA, it is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. It seeps up through the soil and accumulates in basements and lower stories. It is more prevalent in some areas, but cannot be predicted in any single house. Only testing can accurately determine the levels. Testing is an additional charge. Our advice on radon is that most homes should be tested at some time; however, even if elevated levels are found, it should not affect your decision about buying a house that you otherwise really like. If present, it can usually be permanently mitigated (reduced) for $800-$2000. For more information, search “radon” on the Internet.