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Why You Should Consider a Seller’s Inspection

Most people who have purchased a home are familiar with the buyer’s inspection, an important (and often mandatory) step in ensuring you are purchasing a sound property that will not turn up any unexpected surprises. What buyers and sellers may not be aware of is the seller’s inspection, which is becoming more and more common.

A seller’s inspection, sometimes called a pre-listing inspection, covers all the same areas and issues as a buyer’s inspection, but the client is a person who plans to sell their home, rather than the one purchasing it. A seller’s inspection can be completed at the leisure of the seller, months before they put their house on the market. By completing a seller’s inspection, the homeowner can be made aware of issues that may come up during the selling process and can take their time addressing them.

With the permission of the inspection company, the seller can choose to make the inspection report public, which may ease the negotiation process and make a home more desirable to potential buyers. Having a recent inspection report puts a buyer’s mind at ease, knowing of potential issues they may encounter should they decide to buy the house.

Here is what might happen should a seller choose to have a pre-listing inspection...or not.

Seller does not order a pre-listing inspection -
After putting their home on the market, a buyer makes an offer, which is accepted by the seller. The purchase of the home is contingent upon a buyer’s inspection, and the inspection turns up several issues. The buyers still want to purchase the house, but ask the seller to address these issues first. The seller may choose to offer the home to the buyer at a discounted price, complete the repairs in a rush, or refuse to address the issues, which could make the buyer back out of the deal. During the lengthy and often complicated negotiation process, none of these scenarios are ideal.

Seller completes a pre-listing inspection -
A pre-listing inspection brings up a handful of issues with the home, and the seller takes their time in addressing each issue before putting their home on the market. Once they publish their listing, they are aware of most issues with the home, and go into negotiations feeling good about the process. Should the seller decide not to fix one or more issues, they simply list them on a disclosure form to make the potential buyer aware and to avoid time-consuming negotiations later on.

Today’s real estate market is flooded with homes for sale, and a seller’s inspection is one way to put your home ahead of the pack. Real estate agents will often request a seller’s inspection before listing a home, to ease the subsequent negotiations and buying process.

It is important to note that the agreement form used by most inspectors states the client may not provide the inspection report to third parties without permission. Talk to you home inspector about this if you would like to share the report.

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